How to Text Give

1. Simply text the desired dollar amount to our church's giving number followed by the fund you desire it to go towards; 210.625.7077 (example: $100 TITHE)

2. If it's your first time, you will be prompted to register before completing your donation.

3. If you've given before, you can give immediately without having to re-enter any of your information.

4. Your donation will then process.

5. You will see a confirmation text showing your donation and registration were successful.

Tips for Future Text-Giving Donations:

  • If you only text a monetary value, the funds are attributed to our church’s TITHE fund. (Ex: $50 = will go to default fund)
  • If you text “KEYWORD” you will receive a reply text including a list of the fund names that can be choosen to donate too.
  • If you text the amount + fund name– the funds will be attributed to that fund name. (Ex: $28 BUILDINGFUND) (Please note there are no spaces inbetween the full fund names)
  • If you text “EDIT" you will be able to make changes to your giving account
  • If you text “REFUND" you will be refunded your last gift amount