Praise Reports

Thankful for our new church website and all it offers our church family and those who visit to learn more about G.T.C.!
— Pastor Yvette, 12/27/2016
Surprise Birthday Blessing
I needed a loan of $2,600.00 to get my Bachelor's degree. The Lord provided the loan for me and I was going to pay it back as soon as I received my income tax. Well I recently received a phone call from the loaner stating that the loan has been forgiven as a birthday gift to me. What a birthday gift that God has given me! I almost pulled a loan from another source but choose not to go that route even though that loan would of given me more. Little did I know that this would happen. I have been talking about seasons recently with my Bible studies and I am truly in season. It is so easy to question certain things and not completely understand them, but I thank God today for His divine revelation in my life. And I know that there is much more to come for me and my family this year. Thank you Lord!!!
— Bro. Mike Lopez, Youth Pastor, 02/14/2017